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31 Days: Kessinger Legacy Reprints

FIRST I want to make clear that I am showing you one book from this company: The Nature Study Idea by L. H. Bailey. So while I believe showing this book is valuable, I am not saying every book by this company is of good quality. I am pleased with this particular book.

Nature Study Idea - ToC
Table of Contents

Above you can plainly see this is an image scan of a book. The word “Teachers” is part of the scan of the original book – I did not write it in. So there are some minor marks in the book, and you can see how the quality of this reprint greatly depends on the skill of the scanner and cleanness of the original text.

Page of Text
Page of Text

Kessinger includes this generic statement at the front of the book (the only non-scanned page):

Due to the very old age and scarcity of this book, many of the pages may be hard to read due to the blurring of the original text, possible missing pages, missing text, dark backgrounds and other issues beyond our control.

Because this is such an important and rare work, we believe it is best to reproduce this book regardless of its original condition.

Thank you for your understanding.

Image Page
Image Page

I’ve heard stories of other reprints with good text and poor images – I even own one. This book has very few images, but they are very simple and reproduced nicely, as you can see above.

I got a screaming good deal on this book and bought it with my own money (sorry, had to say that; guess who’s been reading reviews today?). You can view it on Amazon here. This was one of the book discussion selections for the Pacific Northwest CM Conference. (Unfortunately, I did not get the book in time to read it for the discussion, but the parts I’ve read I really enjoyed. The link at the top of this post will take you to the free version.)

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