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31 Days: The Burgess Bird Book

I’ve seen several people ask about versions of the Burgess Bird Book with colored pictures. This is my copy.


It is copyrighted in 1919. It is not in pristine, or even good, condition, but it is very readable.


The color pictures in mine are actually plates inserted at various places in the book. They are in the general order of the text, but not always in the exact place the bird is first mentioned. The back of the color plate is blank.


Many times we would also look up the bird in our field guides, as the images were often larger and, most importantly, the field guides are tough and easy to replace.


I picked up this book in my local (small town) used book store. Because it was in poor condition I was able to use my in-store credit (from trading in other books). You never know where treasure will be found.

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