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Keeping my Book of Centuries

After reading Brandy’s series on Keeping at Afterthoughts and Jeanne’s post containing examples of Charlotte’s students’ Books of Centuries, I’ve decided to make more entries in mine.

So here are a few entries from The Birth of Britain: King Alfred, Edward I, and a sketch of a Viking long-ship that was modelled from the one found in Gokstad, Norway, which is mentioned by Churchill.



I hope I can encourage others to actually USE the beautiful books on their shelves, and not leave them blank for fear of ‘messing them up’. The value is in the keeping, in the act. (Said by a slowly recovering perfectionist.) I’m sorry for the grainy pictures, my camera is not the best.

6 thoughts on “Keeping my Book of Centuries

  1. I’ve managed to keep a commonplace book going but that’s about it. I get so frustrated that my writing is so messy these days. How are you going with Diigo? Would you use the free version on your blog – I was concerned about ads popping up.

  2. Can you tell me where you got the book in the photos. I have looked everywhere and can find nothing like it!

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