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Thoughts of Spring

I’ve been on a Sara Teasdale kick (thank you Heather). She earned almost an entire page spread in my Commonplace Book on Valentine’s Day, which was unseasonably warm and, therefore, spent mostly out of doors. Meaning it was a nearly perfect day. I copied “The Old Maid”, “May Night” (quoted above), and “Thoughts”. I liked several others, and actually felt frustrated with my e-reader because I wanted to highlight, add comments, place multiple bookmarks and otherwise do things one needs a real book for.

But I digress…

In other news, the Iliad popped up again, in the most unexpected place – Chesterton’s “The Everlasting Man”:

If the world becomes pagan and perishes, the last man left alive would do well to quote the Iliad and die.

So there you have it, a perfect plan for the end of the world.

Education is the science of relations, and I was also reminded of Plutarch this week. But not because he was mentioned by name, no. I am reading Watership Down with the AO forum. One section caught my eye, so I opened my Commonplace Book, then dutifully looked for the start of the sentence …. and looked …. and looked. I ended up not even copying a full sentence! The section I did copy, from the middle of the sentence, was two-thirds of a page. I’m so lazy I’m not even typing it here (plus I am using my laptop and the trackpad is driving me NVTS nuts, as my husband would say). You’ll have to settle for a picture.

I had a better picture, but it got lost in cyberspace :/Now I feel guilty. Here is the snippet that caught my eye (from chapter 4):

[most] of [the flock] know that the time has come: they are off, and have begun once more that great southward flight which many will not survive; anyone seeing this has seen at work the current that flows … to fuse them together and impel them to action without conscious thought or will,

I know I promised to talk about my book bag, but I haven’t had time to read all week other than the kids’ schoolbooks (worthy books, all of them) and Charlotte Mason’s “Parents and Children”. So I going to re-examine my personal reading in light of my new reality.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts of Spring

  1. A beautiful warm day sounds nice. Sadly we are getting fresh snow. But the picture and quotes are great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Watership Down was one of my ds’s favorite books from yr7. And my younger son can’t wait to read it next year. It was a fun book for sure.

    And a beautiful warm day…how lovely. We still have about 10″ of snow on the ground from winter storm Octavia. And temp this morning is a balmy 7*. 🙂

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